Christine Martin is a Melbourne based artist specialising in decorative, illustrative artworks that touch upon her connection to nature and an interest in the visceral, complex parts of the human psyche.

Her work explores issues of personal grief, the atrocities of war, mental illness and celebrations of love. She is a passionate gardener, with a particular interest in indigenous plants. Her garden, along with its beloved host of wattlebirds and honeyeaters, is her constant inspiration.

‘I love to get to the heart of the matter. To delve into the flesh and explore what is submerged below the surface, where things are not easily spoken of or contained. Making art allows me to do this. I become faceless, bodyless, fearless. Completely consumed in the process of creating, and thereby liberated by it.’

She gained a Bachelor of Fine Arts majoring in Sculpture from The University of Ballarat in 1996, furthering her education with a Diploma of Education in Arts Practice and Response from The University of Melbourne in 2000.