Wattlebird and banksia

The wattlebird design was the first in a series of creative collaborations between artist Christine Martin and founder of Leonard Street fashion label, Amanda McCarthy. They wanted to create a design that was beautiful, feminine and uniquely Australian, showing off Christine’s illustrative skills through the development of organic, delightfully complex patterns.

“Wattle birds are incredible, agile and territorial birds that frequent Australian gardens. I watch them wrestling with grevillea flowers, dive bombing black birds and spinning through the late evening air catching flying bugs, like winged trapeze artists. They raise their babies in the front yard and the little birds will sit in the fork of a flowering gum, with their fluffy little yellow chests all puffed up, calling out to be fed.

They are wonderful to draw and are made up of so many decorative parts that I become quite entranced in the process of recording all of their remarkable details.”